Convince Your Boss

Collective is a tremendous value, and we’re here to help you get to Atlanta.

You’re convinced it’s worth being a part of Collective 2016, but is your boss? We’ve made this handy guide that you can use to make your case for attending.

Download the Why Attend Collective PDF

What You’ll Do:
A full day with two workshops plus two more days with 12 hours of practical teaching from top-tier leaders at Facebook, InVision, MailChimp, Instagram, government organizations, financial products, and hands-on consultants.

Networking with 400 other professionals from around the world who work at some of the most prestigious brands in the world including Coca-Cola, Facebook, Delta, The Home Depot, Holiday Inn, Uber, T. Rowe Price, The Atlantic, Emory University, Porsche, Rubbermaid, Instagram, Turner Broadcasting, and countless startups.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to measure the ROI of Content Strategy
  • How to navigate challenging content strategy conversations
  • Developing content as core business capacity
  • How to use interviews to get an understanding of the journey that your customers take with you
  • Big and small ways to improve your writing
  • How to translate business strategy to Content Strategy
  • How to get your team to work with content effectively
  • Working with a rapidly growing customer base while maintaining your voice and tone
  • How to quantify the value of content for stakeholders across an organization
  • The power of storytelling and how it can build a stronger connection between your product and the people who use it
  • How to communicate your ideas clearly, kindly, and in your voice
  • Methods for developing content for a regulated company like financial services and government
  • How to spark change to help organizational culture become content and design driven
  • How to write real, customer-facing content that will improve your organization

What You’ll Gain:

  • Best practices from thought leaders around the world
  • Connections and relationships with high-value organizations
  • Over 20 hours of new knowledge at the cutting edge of digital strategy and technology
  • A renewed ability to maximize team collaboration
  • Core leadership techniques to empower your team

Summary of Costs
Conference Fee: $745 with Workshop (early bird through April 2nd)
Hotel: $600 to $800 (3 nights)
Flight: $200 to $500
Transport to and from airport: $25
Food: $150 (lunch is provided on workshop day, plenty of sponsored parties)
Total Cost: $1720 – $2220

That’s one of the best values out there for this level of learning. Most one day workshops cost up to $2,000 just for the event fee. That’s why Collective is where you need to be this June!