Head of Content at InVisionApp

Clair Byrd

Clair has always ended up writing for any job she’s held—menus for the ubiquitous part-time greasy spoon restaurant job, ecommerce and ad copy for large retailers, UX/UI copy for SaaS products, and most recently, at InVision, where she heads up Content—creating assets for designers that drive the InVision brand.

Clair believes that thoughtful design, well-considered words, and deep thinking make everything possible. Her contributions have helped over 2M users learn and grow in their careers and increased traffic to InVision-owned web properties by over 600% in under a year.

Talk Title: Voice: Values and Creating Humanity at Scale
Abstract: What does it mean for a brand to be “human?” As content leaders, our assumptions about what defines corporate “humanity” are colored by our own culture and self-interests. With such a subjective framework, how can we expect writers to create content consistent with our expected model of humanity?

Voice and tone documentation is often equally subjective. Adjectives and style notes mean different things to different people, but consistency is critical to establishing and maintaining your readers’ trust. How do we maintain voice and tone consistency when your creators span across a team of hundreds or thousands, all from different cultures and areas of focus?

Learn how creating working voice values for content—not a list of do’s and dont’s—can unify disparate writers and improve your content strategy over time. This talk will examine:

  • Our assumptions about humanity and brand personhood
  • New ways of encouraging and surfacing active decision-making regarding voice and tone, at scale
  • How to create and instill your own brand-specific content voice values at your company

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