CEO at Content Science

Colleen Jones

As CEO of the content strategy and intelligence firm Content Science and a Star Wars fan, Colleen regularly advises top organizations on becoming Jedi Masters of content. Colleen cofounded ContentWRX, a software service that has collected more than 25,000 data sets to assess content effectiveness. She also is the publisher of Content Science Review, a magazine and education platform with content insights from leading brands such as Alibaba, IHG, Avery Dennison, AirBnB, American Cancer Society, IBM, WebMD, and more.

Colleen wrote the cornerstone content book Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content. She has spoken at conferences and client events around the world to make content make a difference to branding, user experience, and customer satisfaction.

Talk Title: Thinking Big: Content as a Core Business Capacity
Abstract: Business today is digital. Content is core to product experience and often is the product. Content drives marketing, sales, customer service, and support–all extensions of the product experience. Why do we relegate content to discrete small functions? Organizations who thrive in the future will treat content as a core business capacity. This session will explore how forward-thinking organizations are establishing content capacity with content models, content principles, and content intelligence.

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